Make money by installing Applications

Yes that’s true now you can make money by installing applications for free, there’s a website named APPREDEEM which pays for installing free application on your Iphone, Ipod or Ipad. The simple way on which site works is “Pay Per Install” .

What is AppRedeem ?

Appredeem is a pay-per-install site. If you have any of the apple’s product that is Iphone, Ipod or Ipad then you just need to go to and then sign-up. The website was not open to India before 1 week but now it’s open to most of the countries. You just install free applications available and then you’ll get paid directly to your PayPal account. There’s no minimum payout so you can enjoy !

How to use AppRedeem ?

AppRedeem works directly from your device, so there’s no connecting to the computer, syncing, etc. After downloading the AppRedeem “app”, it opens up in a new browsers window, where you can check all the apps available for download, which then opens up in ITunes, from there you download and install as usual, and be sure to open the app after you have installed it because this is important for you to be paid. They pay within 1 minute of downloading and installing the app!

Key Features

  • The most cost effective way to reach your targeted mobile audience.
  • Guarenteed customer acquisition.
  • Find new customers with their mobile apps Pay Per Install service.
  • Users make money to install apps.
  • Instant Payments.

But unfortunately i don’t own any apple’s device :( so it’s for all you guys who owns IPod, ITouch or IPad!

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